Screenwriting & Narrative Design


Without a sound designer to create the perfect soundscape, the film, television and game industries are incomplete. Applying the technical and conceptual aspects of sound, students become audio storytellers working alongside visual production artists to recreate the real world in a digital context. Students have been asked to create a thesis project wherein they produce sound designs for videos, online/interactive experiences, games or other large-scale audio projects in order to showcase their strengths.

2020 Graduates

Alex Almer

After four years as a financial service professional, Alex decided to pursue something less soul-crushing. Applying the same attention to detail and outside-the-box thinking to his animated sitcoms, wacky worlds, and quirky characters, Alex loves inspiring others, losing minds, and splitting sides. Professional, respectful, and highly adaptable, Alex has knowledge on many subjects, making him the perfect candidate for almost any comedy writers’ room.


Works Available 


Salem Islands (Animated Sitcom) 

A misfit turned werewolf adapts to life in a secret, Pseudo-Utopian society of  

movie monsters.  


Salem Valley (Animated Sitcom) 

In a town of movie monsters, a family of wacky werewolves learn, grow, and  

face regular middle class problems, and beyond. 


Ray & Roger (Animated Sitcom) 

A dimwitted college student bumbles through life with the help of his best friend: a sarcastic, middle-aged mouse. 


Were Live! (Live-Action Sitcom) 

When a disgraced internet personality attempts to unplug and rebuild his life, he must resist falling back into old habits, pressured by his roommates: a group of eccentric, budding live streamer. 


Bandana Warriors (Childrens Animated Feature) 

In an ancient, re-imagined Japanese society where twelve antique bandanas possess unfathomable power, a young man seeks vengeance on a bloodthirsty warlord. 


Works in Progress 


Conquering Canada (Drama) 

A group of childhood friends, now young adults, dig through their deceased parents’ past to take down a trio of unidentified Canadian dictators

Karen Harvey

After 7 years in Advertising, Karen decided to move from this male-dominated industry to another maledominated industry: Video games. Why? Because she believes in diversity and feels a strong need to tell stories from new perspectives, and also coming up with taglines to sell hair vitamins online was getting boring/meaningless. Taking advantage of her skills in managing creative teams, Karen is determined to bring her own projects to life. 

Works Available 


Fake It Until You Make It: Human Simulator  

A simple video game made in Twine, featuring a woman who feels like an alien because of her Autism. 


Skip Ad (Half-Hour Comedy)  

Mad Men if Don Draper couldnt drink scotch at work, had to come up with hashtags all day and wasnt played by John Hamm.” Skip Ad tells the story of Trevor, a Senior Copywriter who feels more than ready to be Creative Director, but must prove himself to the new CCO and also (spoiler?) compete with his best friend for the position.  


Antarctica (Horror Feature)  

Fun fact: Karen lived in Antarctica for two years. Yes, its real. 2005-2006. And the whole  

time, she was terrified of Leopard Seals. Have you seen them? Anyway, she wrote a Feature Script about a woman going insane from the lack of sleep, extreme silence and fear of Leopard Seals while living in Antarctica.  


Works In Progress  


Backstage Romance: Idol Girlfriend Simulator  

A dating sim for those who are tired of men centered dating sims and not being able to date side characters. Be a part of an all women K-Pop group and find your true love, whoever it is! 


Fashion Sense  

A dress up mobile with clothes you can actually buy for yourself. 

Gabriela Jacome Diaz

Gabriela Jacome has always trusted her dreams as a source of inspiration for her work. As an animator,  video editor, and screenwriter, Gabriela will make any idea, as abstract as it is, come to life with a diverse set of animation and storytelling techniques. Her themes often combine psychological and surreal elements with enough ambiguity for the audience to participate with their own interpretation as the story progresses and reveals its meaning. Relatable to those whove ever battled themselves or are trying to overcome personal challenges.  

Works Available 


36 Souls (Web Comic) 

An innocent girl must sacrifice thirty-six people on a black magic ritual to help her best friend break free from her plushie body prison. But the sacrifices must be willing to be sacrificed. 


Dan the Dog (Feature Film) 

A guy trapped in hell must survive his precarious conditions and learn how to overcome his inner struggles if he ever wants to be saved and go to Heaven. But hell never make it until he remembers why hes there in the first place, and falling in love with the Red Demoness wont make it any easier either. 


Works in Progress 


The Valley of the Mermaids (Hour-long Drama Series) 

One day, a half-dead mermaid named Zuzana simply decides to enter the forbidden Valley of the Mermaids to see the Queen of the Valley, a powerful sorceress wholl grant her the cure for her curse. As she becomes addicted to the deadly drug the fleshZuzana will learn to master her power to connect both dead and alive worlds and uncover the secret behind the next most advanced spaceship. 


The Tournament of the Gorgoned (Miniseries)  

For Persephones love, Amigo, a bloodthirsty demonic gladiator will become champion of the Gorgoned Demons and learn how to speak again and sing to her the most romantic songs and poetry. 


Credited Works 


Sobredosis – Los Estridentes Bogot (Video clip) 

A girl wakes up after a night of no control, does her morning routines and, after passing out for  hours on the shower until night time, returns to her own overdosed corpse in her room and stares at it with a blank expression with the sonorous company of Los Estridentes’ punk rock music. 

Amy Kellar

Amy Kellar is an emerging screenwriter and a recent graduate of the Screenwriting & Narrative Design post graduate program at George Brown College in Toronto. With a unique background in communications, bartending and tabletop role play games, Amy has just three obsessions in life: film, good cocktails, and people. Her writing reflects not only a love for the legacy of genrecinema such as horror and sci-fi, but also that the root of any great storyno matter what shape it takesis character 

Works Available 


Fran Fiction (half-hour series, comedy) 

Along with her diverse and nerdy crew of friends, an amateur writer tries to make it big in the film industry by adapting her smutty sci-fi fan fictions into a movie. 


Different Shapes (feature film, drama)  

On the backdrop of 1980s Canada, two estranged brothers take a cross-country road trip to visit their dying father one last time. 


The Waiting Room (text-based puzzle game)  

Trapped in a strange waiting room with an endless wait time, the player must explore the space, solve the hidden puzzles, and escape. 


First Time (short film, dark comedy)  

After his prom, a high school senior prepares his motel room for a life-changing night. 


The Sea of Stars (short story, drama)  

Two young lovers reunite at their childhood hiding place to reflect on the years theyve spent together. 


Works In Progress 


Darling (limited series, horror/drama)  

The lives of a small Saskatchewan villages citizens are upended when a stranger arrives in town searching for a woman who went missing fifteen years ago. 


Astro-Explorer Seeks Companion For Space Travel (stageplay, fantasy/drama)  

A little girl who believes her big brother has been abducted by aliens implores the people of her neighbourhood to help her build a rocket ship to find him. 

Kavika Sharma

Kavika Sharma is a fiction writer from India who realized that the only way to deal with her fear of lizards was by moving closer to the North Pole (genius, right?) Due to a shortage of radioactive spiders, her superhero dreams were cut short and she ended up with a degree in Psychology. Kavikas journey as a writer began when a bearded man told her that she was a demigod with the ability to transform into a dragon and sent her on a quest to pull out a magical sword from a vampires giant doughnut. Kidding! 


She just wanted to live out her impossible dreams and make a positive impact on peoples lives with the least amount of eye contact. 


As a fantasy writer, Kavika loves creating elaborate worlds, intricately detailed with their unique histories and mythologies from all over the globe. Thanks to a brain that seems to be on a perpetual sugar rush, her stories usually involve action-packed adventures, witty characters that strive to bring joy, acceptance and hope with a dash of her signature comedy. 

Works Available 


Pendragon (Half-Hour Animated Series)  

On Merlins request, an Arthurian legend fangirl and a knight of time team up to find the Arthur of this generation while kicking monster hider with their wits and valour. 


League of Hunters (Half-Hour Comedy Series)  

A group of occult enthusiasts and their new best friend, a talking god, hunt supernatural creatures and deal with the monsters in their closets, both literally and figuratively. 


Knightmare (One Hour Drama Series) 

When classified information makes its way into a quirky authors first best-seller, her past comes knocking with guns and code names. Her only options are to either return to a forgotten life as a world class spy or die at the hands of her foes. 


Works in Progress 


Into the Dream Realm (Middle-Grade Novel) 

A fantasy novel with thrilling quests, diverse mystical creatures and a heroine who carries the fate of all realms on her tiny shoulders.  


Guildoron: Saving Leo (Interactive Story)  

When the player gets a letter from an old friend, they are pulled back into the world they were once banished from. They are the only ones who can save Leo from the Trickster. 


Guildoron: Rune Games (Interactive Story) 

This prequel takes the player back to the Rune Games, a time when they were one of the best mages in Guildoron.

Sashoya Simpson

Sashoya Simpson is an animation screenwriter and oral storyteller whose wings have been nurtured within the arms of elders, young ones and the many paths of those who mentor her directly and indirectly. The stories she writes tells of her black and afro-caribbean heritage as she wishes for nieces, nephews and her future children to see themselves represented through her stories. With a background in theatre and spoken word performance, she uses various artistic expressions to story tell with a particular focus on the screen. Her motto: I speak so it can be heard. I create so it can be seen. I teach so it can be passed on. 

Works Available 


Jubilee (Animated Feature Film) 

A Caribbean tale following a young girl as she discovers her cultural lineage through a series of magic and adventure while on quest to save her grandmother. 


Works In Progress 


Baileys Cookings (Live Action Sitcom) 

While running a 3rd generation Jamaican cook shop in Toronto, the Bailey family deals with each other, community members and their flamboyant visitor from Jamaica. 


Marambi Soundula (Animated Children Series) 

Join Marambi and friends on fun adventures as they explore musical instruments, sounds and origins. 

Melinda Stewart

Mel Stewart is a Canadian writer who specializes in genre fiction and has a passion for fantasy, horror and drama. Her background in several different visual mediums lead to colourful worlds with extensive mythologies. Curious by nature, Mel often researches obscure creatures, odd  scientific phenomenon, and spiritual practices that often influence her stories. 

Works Available 


Dead Fall (YA Fantasy Novel) 

A cult sets their eyes on a young witch when she shows promise for becoming a host to their ancient lords, but she fights back as she attempts to unmask her friends killer.  


The Makings of a Champion (YA Fantasy Novel) 

Champion Chronicles: Prequel. A young Slade must find his true path to becoming the Ice Blade and champion to the god of war, while also defeating his inner demons that threaten to force him into a life of exile.  


The Firebreather (Literary Flash Fiction) 

A girl reminisces on her grandmothers crazy, old stories as she tries to distract herself from her grandmothers quickly declining health, only to discover that her grandmother may not have been so crazy. 


Real & Legit Detective Agency: Murder at Corasol Manor (Comedic Interactive Story)  

Upon a scandalous murder at a socialites party, the newest detective at Real & Legit Detective Agency, must interrogate the guests and discover the truth, all while being judged and mocked by a sassy narrator that only they can hear.  


Works In Progress 


The Fire Heart (YA Fantasy Novel): Champion Chronicles: Book 2 of 4  

The champion to the goddess of death and magic is recruited by a company of Dwarves to help save their kingdom after a colony of humans are discovered taking over their lands, however it is quickly discovered that these Dwarves may not be as reliable as they say. 


The Depths (Limited Serialized Supernatural Family Drama Series) 

Following a decline in their mothers health, a pair of siblings return to their  

small northern Atlantic hometown, but while there they find themselves caught in the midst of a cults resurgence as they begin to dig into their  

fathers disappearance. 


Below (YA Sci-Fi Novel) 

When the world has flooded, humankind has learned to survive in floating cities, but with the tides creeping upon them asocial outcast follows a strange signal into the long forgotten submerged cites in search of not only her parents but also acceptance. 

Mike Wills

With his twenties in the rearview, former office stiff Mike Wills, decided he was going to go for it. He unshackled himself from the golden handcuffs of a miserable desk job and defiantly charged into the unknown as he screamed his battlecry: I hope I dont regret this!  


Having honed his writing at George Brown, Mike is best known for his irreverent comedic sensibility, his sharp wit and kind of looking like an out-of-shape Mark Wahlberg. His storytelling is often hinged on relatable characters whose worst qualities are often their most endearing. Hes also skilled in creating well-rounded and diverse voices with unique perspectives that lend themselves to dialogue he describes as really, really great.”  

Works Available  


Walk-ins Welcome (Half-Hour Sitcom) 

On the heels of the break up with her boyfriend / former boss, a tattoo artist finds a fresh start with new coworkers at the dingy shop she apprenticed at across town.  


Heel to Face (Half-Hour Sitcom) 

A third-tier independent wrestling promotion run by two best friends gets a  

much-needed boost upon the arrival of a future superstar.  


Broken Up (Feature Comedy) 

A fathers relationship with his daughters long-term boyfriend takes a nosedive after being blindsided by their break-up.  


Works In Progress 


The Batboy (Feature Comedy) 

A hapless baseball fan in his mid-thirties is accidentally selected to become the batboy for a professional baseball team.