Sound Design & Production


Without a sound designer to create the perfect soundscape, the film, television and game industries are incomplete. Applying the technical and conceptual aspects of sound, students become audio storytellers working alongside visual production artists to recreate the real world in a digital context. Students have been asked to create a thesis project wherein they produce sound designs for videos, online/interactive experiences, games or other large-scale audio projects in order to showcase their strengths.

2020 Graduates

"Without a sound designer to create the perfect soundscape, the film, the television & game industries are incomplete."

Broderick Ashcroft

Broderick Ashcroft (he/him/they) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work questions the makings of traditional art through a technological lens. He explores the application and relationship of several mediums to strengthen the conceptual foundation behind his work.   

Having completed Sound Design and Production at George Brown College, Broderick also holds aBachelor’sdegree in Media, Information andTechnoculture, and a minor in Art History and Fine Art. He continues to investigate theoretical practices when producing various pieces of work to build unique and cohesive designs. 

Soup (2020) 


How does one perform under the conditions of a worldwide pandemic? This question is the foundationofSoup (2020), an immersive multimedia experience that parallelsCovid’sconditioned reality. Examining the subject matter’s altered social implications,disconnection and socio-environmental shifts, the project aims to mimic the pandemic’s influence on oneself. 


The video responds to prevalent themes in response toCovid,including caution, the shift of social space and environmental transformation.The proponent of sound plays with this back and forth dynamic, following theemotional scale of the pandemic’s effect. The majority of sounds are reused and morphed into “synth soup,” mimicking the virus’s all-consuming expansion.The visuals detail the newlycoined lexicon ofCovid’seffects. This reference shows data collection, recorded to document the virus’s occurrence.

Eliza Daly

Eliza Daly is a Toronto based sound designer and composer. Born in the UK, she has grown up internationally, studying and fine-tuning her skills in several countries. Before arriving in Toronto, Eliza spent some time freelancing as a composer in the UK and working in The Gin Factory Studios alongside professional sound designers and music producers. With a passion for video games, Eliza has spent the past two years specializing in game audio and audio programming, with the intention of moving into this field in the future. 

The Adventures of Larri and Meetball 


The Adventures of Larri and Meetball is a character exploration set in post-apocalyptic Oklahoma.Along with concept art, this project is a prototype gameplay built from the ground up, using Wwiseand Unity, with the intention of further development in the future. This work includesambiences, weapon design, 3D emitters, collectible items and more. Utilizing her skills in sounddesign, C++ scripting, Wwise, and Unity, Eliza had the task of creating original gameplay that wasboth visually and audibly engaging.  


Michaela Doyle

Michaela is a sound and visual artist based in the GTA. She has completed her BAH in Film & Media and Gender Studies from Queens University. She is passionate about sound effects and dialogue editing as well as audio world building for games and sound art. 

Dusk to Dawn 


This piece was a challenge, both creatively and emotionally as it tackles a personal experience with mental health. Michaela actively chose to do this as an attempt to confront her own perception of herself, which helped her to understand the depth of her own experience with mental healthThis work is broken into three chapters; dusk, dark, and dawn, as an allegorical descent into darkness, followed by a struggle with darkness and ultimately succumbs to the duality of light and dark. This is not to say that mental health is singular experience with one viewpoint, but a multifaceted and individualistic experience. Michaela hopes this work resonates with others and encourages a more realistic and honest conversation and portrayal of mental health.  

Harleen Kaur

HarleenKaur is a sound designer, dialogue editor and recording engineer who works with audio, video, and custom instrument samples. She currently holds aBachelor in Music Compositionand Computer Science, along with a Diploma in Sound Engineering and a Postgraduate Certificate in Sound Design at George Brown College. Some of her credits include sound design for brands, foley, and mixing for Indian Cinema.Harleenaims to work in the Toronto film industry as a post-production editor, freelancingin sound branding.  She also intends to record more traditionalIndianinstruments, including vocal samples,to be used by anyone from any part of the world.   



INDIA | FUSION SERIES is a unique sample-based virtual instrument piece made using the Native Instrument the Kontakt. It features Indian vocals with piano, offering composers a creative fusion toolkit of traditional Indian singing with a western instrument influence. The three instruments included in the library, Felt Piano, Indian Choir and RagaVoxwere designed with a minimalist user interface for intuitive navigation. Indian Choir and RagaVoxLibrary are mapped with a variety of vocalsamples whichcan be used inmany different waysto create cinematic background scores. 

Sean Meldrum

Sean Meldrum is a sound designer and composer based out of Toronto, Ontario. He is a recent graduate of George Brown Colleges Sound Design and Production graduate program, where he was the recipient of the 2019 Opportunity Award. His recent credits include accompaniment for TylerMuzzinspublic art installation,The Great Dark Wonder, a full sound treatmentforthe short, I’ll Be Back in a Week and the design for Dora-award-winning directorSoheilParsas production ofRhinocerosby EugeneIeonesco. Meldrum also servesas the in-house sound consultant for Kingston theatre company, The Cellar Door Project, whose recent production of his radio play,TalkToMe,was called a timely throwback” by CBC Arts(2020).  


He recently released Ghosts, a confrontation of Canadas indigenous genocide, under his musical project Theyre Killing Each Other. Meldrumsworks in sound are tied closely to his extensive experience as a writer, director, and producer of stage and screen. He holds a BA withhonoursin Dramatic Art from Queens University. 



Fascinated by how permanent objects are affected by times passage, Meldrum has reinterpreted Carl Dreyers 1932 expressionist horror filmVampyr,giving it a modern sound treatment and abrand newscore. He approached the project as both a creative director and a technical engineer. While the pandemic presented many challenges to overcome, he “learned more by adapting to extraordinary circumstances than I would if all had gone to plan.  I had a great time draggingVampyrout of its crypt.   


Daniel Miller

Dan Miller is a dialogue editor, soundtrack composer, sound engineer, audio editor and musician with over a decade of experience working in studios in Toronto, New Jersey and Berlin. In recent months, he has been editing a number of weekly podcasts for the California-based media company, 


Over the years, Dan has assisted producersand engineers with vocal and drum editing, synth patch design, drum programming, scoring, arranging and orchestration on over 80 recordings by over 60 artists including Lily Frost, SATE, Steven Page, Owl City andDankoJones. He has worked on music used in advertisements for corporate clients like The Canadian Red Cross andCoca-cola. Before the pandemic, Dan had also been a touring keyboard player for a number of acts likeJoydrop, Lily Frost and Digits. 



Dan Miller has provided the originalscore for B.D.R.M., a short film written anddirected by Dylan Bulmer.  B.D.R.M. follows an intruder over of the course of an evenings startling events. Thriller?Comedy? You decide 

Deirdre Morrison

Deirdre Morrison is a sound artist, composer, and audio post mixer whoworks with audio, video, and 3D environments to createimmersivedigitalsettings. Deirdreedits, mixes, and composes for independent features, short films, and documentaries. Their collaborative projectshave beenscreened atvarious festivals includingtheCannesFilm FestivalsMarché duFilm.

Deirdre produces experimental,electronicmusic andhas performed at Pop Montreal and OXW.   


Deirdreholdsa Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa and hascompleted programs in Music Industry Arts and Sound Design and Production.Their artistic practice is informed by an interest in new media and a fascination with the interaction between visual and auditory arts.  

Life in the Boundary Layer 


Life in the Boundary Layer is an audio-visual simulation of a moss ecosystem. The piece uses adaptive audio and C# scripting to calculate the viewers position in the scene and triggerambisonicfield recordings, synth compositions, Max/MSP samples, and real-time audio components.The visual aspect of Life in the Boundary Layer consists of a low-poly 3D environment created in Unity. 3D materials include plants of the boreal forest.Adoptinga voyeuristic approach, the piece enables the viewer to float around, observing organisms rather than interacting. Visual cues are provided to guide the experience and direct the viewers attention to the subtle, audible movements of micro systems.Life in the Boundary Layer stressesthe importance of listening andseeks to make the viewer aware of processes that are often difficult to perceive.

Anish Santo

AnishSanto is a Sound Designer, Location Recorder & Post Sound Editor who turns imaginative soundscapes into reality. He did his Bachelors in visual communication from Loyola College, Chennai. In 2019,Anishmoved to Canada to undertake PGDM in Sound Design at George Brown College, Toronto. He comes with more than 3 years of experience in the area of Production and Post-Production for Broadcasts, Short films & Documentary based Projects. His expertise also includes Digital Audio Restoration and he is known for pushing the envelope of spectacular Sound Design Integration in films.

Kadhal Kanave


The explanation for picking Audio Post – Production as my final project is to demonstrate that an individual can do all the sound works which incorporate S Dialog editing, Foley, Ambiences, SFX, and Final Mix & Master within restricted time frame for short film-based ventures. This also enhanced my inward abilities to be a sound post editor.Considering that films are dialogue-driven, excellence in dialogue editing is essential to storytelling. I may begin my profession as a Dialog Editor and move towards becoming a re-recording mixer in the future. 

Deepinder Singh

DeepinderSingh is a Toronto based producer and sound artist. He has completed AudioPost Productionfrom Fanshawe College, London, Ontario and Sound Design & Production from George Brown College, Toronto.  Over the years of his education,DeepinderSingh has gained experience in editing, foley, sound designing and scoring. He has also done field recording and post-production for short films. His ultimate goal is to work as an audio engineer and start his own production studio.   

The Trip To The Moon 


For his capstone project, Singh chose to score different genres using copyright free clips. He worked as an editor, foley artist, engineer and sound designer throughout this and other projects and has always wanted to pursue scoring in hisportfolio. He is grateful for the supervisors who helped and pushed him when the times were difficult which helped to hone the skills he will continue to create with 

David Sutrin

David is a Torontobasedsound engineer and music composer. He producesa variety ofindependent radio piecesand worksas an audio editor and mixer on severalweekly podcasts.He earned his B.A. in Radio and Television fromRyerson Universityin 2017 and completed his studies at George Brown College in the Sound Design and Post-Production program.While his interest instorytelling through sound design has ledhim to his current role, he has experienceworkingpersonally and professionally as a sound recordist for film, music composer, sound artist, and record label assistant.Davids current work explores JavaScriptweb coding and data-basedaudio programming.He is interested infurther exploringnon-linear music productionusingbothtraditional and contemporary programming languages. 



Birth-Tone is an interactive frequency generator that uses planetary locationdata to produce a unique tone based on the birthday, time, and location of the user. Each frequency is produced using a conversion system that assigns a frequency(Hz) valueto each of the 12 zodiac signs.While there are many ways to link the zodiac to sound, Birth-Tone uses a system called “The Astronomical Scale” created byRoel Hollander. The Astrological Zodiac divides the calendar year into 12 parts. Each part correlates withthe 12-Tone EqualTemperament. However, because the zodiacal constellations (i.e. signs) vary in sizeand shape, each of the 12 intervals varies in size/length.The data used for the length of each of these intervals was calculated by Juan Anthony Revilla and Pierre Bacchus in LAstronomie(1979). With that data, you can assign a tone-span(1200 cents) to each interval.  


Instructions-If youalready know your birth chart: plug the data into the selection boxes.-If you do not know your birth chart: create one below.-Please make a selection for all boxes before clicking Submit.-Use the Unknownoption if you’re unsureor do not have data for any selection box.-After submitting, your mouseposition will act as a frequency modulator for your Sun Sign tone. Place your pointerthe upper right cornerof the screen to return to your neutral frequency.-Click the red button once to begin recording. Click again to stop recording. Click a third time to save your recording as a .wavfile. 

Anita Yung

Anita Yung is a Sound Designer for animation and video games, based in Toronto and Vancouver. Anitas work includes independent animation productions like AroundTheBlock, and video games likeSilkRoad.   After working on the anime series,Black Jack(2017),and NHKsWakuWakuBePonkickies,Anita was inspired to pursue animation audio collaborating with directors, animators and other sound designersThe creative experimentation of building a world fromscratchis a challenge Anita has grown to love with each project.   Originally a voice actor, Anita uses her former training as the foundationwhenworking with talent and constructing the essence of a sound piece. When not sound designing a production, Anita, along with an animator, can be found writing and producing independent animated projects.     

Around The Block – Episode #01: A Secret Code 
Category: Animation, PSA Running Time: 1 minute Ages: 8-11   


Around The Block” is a pilot animated PSA series for children, created in response to COVID-19s racism levels towards the Asian community and the Black Lives Matter movement. Inspired by CBCs Heritage Minutes, this series promotes cultural appreciation and respect for the multi-colored fabric that makes up Canada. Through fun cultural facts, Around The Block” encourages a childs curiosity in cultural exchange, while breaking down barriers to create ethnic diverse friendships.