Video Design & Production


With media shifting away from traditional models of broadcasting towards new and innovative methods, a broader skill set is required. George Brown College’s Video Design & Production diploma program will expose students to traditional and emerging filmic techniques.

01 Programs

Student Work

Left Behind by Swati Goyal

A war torn soldier riddled with guilt and PTSD must face his hallucinations, the guilt of him killing people changed his life in a worst way

Ashes by Daniel Erse

Ashes is a 7 – minute short film about every relationship’s rite-of-passage of meeting the parents. When Mary introduces her long-time boyfriend to her mom for the very first time, taking their relationship to the “next step” takes on a whole new meaning.

Resist by Daniel Medeiros Oliveira

At the end of the second world war, the Italian resistance’s only hope to find Mussolini’s last location is in the hands of the strong and rebel Tania, who struggles to control her explosive nature.